Work From Home On Computer

If you are looking for a rewarding and profitable business, take a look at a work from home on computer business. If you have a home computer, an Internet connection, you can start your own work from home on computer business very quickly. Working from home on computer gives you the financial freedom and flexibility to be in control of your own life. You can set your own work schedule, to be at home for your children when they get out of school.

Home computers are making it easier for anyone to run a business from their home. No longer do you have to go door to door or cold call. These have been replaced by internet advertising and email. This makes things a whole lot easier for you to work from home on computer, and consequently, it's possible for almost anyone to make a good income.

Most work from home on computer jobs are not highly technical, nor do they require any extensive training. You probably already have most of the skills required for work from home on computer jobs. If you happen to have some special computer talents, they most certainly can give you the edge with many work from home computer businesses.

A good thing to remember is, that you will not move forward, if you do not stay focused and dedicated to set aside some time each and every day to devote to your work from home on computer business. Make it a priority, to meet daily, the wants and needs of your clients and customers. Staying focused and motivated and doing what is necessary to make your work from home computer business successful, will bring you a substantial income.

A work from home on computer business has the possibility to earn a very large income for the owner. Working part time and building your work from home computer business, until it reaches the income that you make with your full time job, can be a comfortable way to build your work from home computer business.

By Bessie Johns

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Computer Memory Card - How Good Are They?

Computer cards typically include a battery to provide power to retain information in memory and for operations, such as input and output functions. Such computer cards may provide memory expansion for data storage. Memory cards generally consume only minimal amounts of current. Therefore, the battery used by memory cards may last several years. But during periods of time when a computer card is detached from a host computer, the computer card continues to draw current, if only for memory support, therefor draining the battery. When the computer card is hooked to a host computer, the computer can recognize the low voltage as an indication of low battery. In some cases a message may be displayed by the computer alerting you of a low battery. However, most computer cards are unable to independently alert a user of a low battery condition. Because the computer cards are small insize, the battery is usually very small, resulting in limited battery capacity, Because they are so small, typical computer cards are unable to independently alert a user to a low battery condition, the low battery condition could go unnoticed by the user for a long time during which the computer card is not hooked to the computer.


With a computer having connectors with card slots and replaceable computer cards, Mounted in the card slots is a retainer device for securing computer cards. An anchor mounted on the connectors and a tie wrapped around a computer card mounting, the tie having the connector ends engaged with the clip to secure the card in the slot. The clip having prongs and the prongs being hooked with the sides of a connector and the anchor having at least one pair of anchor hooks, each of the hooks being located on opposite sides of the connector and engaged with one of the connector ends of the tie. The card retainer may also be used for any other electronic device where you have plug-in cards for which a problem of physical dislodgement of the card occurs. Many of these computer cards are manufactured in accordance with PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association) standards and are referred to as PCMCIA cards.

By Jesse Miller

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What Is Spyware And What Does It Do?

Spyware is a type of computer software that is installed sneakily onto a personal computer with the intention of taking partial control over the computer, without the informed consent of the user. One of the ways that spyware enters the computer is when new programs are installed. Another method of entering a computer is as a software virus.

Once spyware gets installed onto your computer it wreaks havoc on and adversely affects the performance of the infected computer. In extreme cases spyware can also cause the computer to crash.

The spyware obstructs the user's control over the computer by installing additional unwanted software, rerouting advertising income to a third party, accessing harmful websites blindly and redirecting web-browser activity. Spyware also secretly monitors the behavior of the user and relays the collected information to advertisers and other interested parties.

Spyware is also capable of altering the settings of the computer, which results in a slowing down of connection speeds or loss of the internet altogether. The home page could also get inadvertently changed.

Very often, data collecting programs are intentionally installed on to a user's computer for various data collection purposes. Since these programs are installed with the explicit knowledge and consent of the user, these applications are strictly not considered as spyware.

Adware, which is software that comes in the guise of advertisements are also considered as spyware because it almost always contains components that track and report user information to third parties.

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to protection your computer from any harmful spyware. Also, as far as possible, avoid clicking on pop-up ads, which normally come loaded with spyware. Downloading one of the reputed anti-spyware software that is easily available on the internet and running it regularly on your computer will prevent spyware from surreptitiously entering your computer with out your knowledge.

By Gabriel J. Adams

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Computer Cables and Adapters 101

Computer cables and adapters allow you to connect your computer either to a network or to hardware. Several computer cables and adapters have emerged, but which one is right for your computer system? Read on to find out.

Types of computer cables and adapters

Computer networking cables connect your computer to a mother network. These tools are most commonly used in offices to connect the computer to a single server. Apart from networking cables, there are also USB, printer, and monitor cables. These cables all perform different functions in your computer. The Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable allows for hardware devices to be connected to your computer. USBs are best for plug-and-play devices. Printer cables connect the printer to your cable. Without it, you cannot print documents and images. Finally, a monitor cable connects the monitor to your computer.

Computer adapters

Computer adapters connect your computer to a computer network. There are several types of computer networks available. There is the 1394 net adapter port that connects your computer through a cable. This type of adapter provides FireWire ports for digital devices. Another type of adapter is the 1394 net adapter plug. A 1394 adapter connects to the computer directly.

Making the right choice

In choosing the right computer cables and adapters, it is important to check for compatibility. Do not just buy any cable or adapter – be sure that it is well-suited to your computer’s, your laptop’s, or your hardware’s specifications. Also, for faster connections, choose only a 1394 net adapter that has a 800 Mbps transfer rate for better file transfers.

By Ilse Hagen

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Software – Instructor of Computer

A computer system consists of different parts, programs or components. Each and every part has its own importance or working. In simple, we can say that hardware means all physical components of a computer and software is a set of certain instruction, rules on the basis of which other components work.

Software instructs a computer what to do. There are different types of programming languages, which make computing possible. There are three different types of computer software: system software, programming software and application software.

System software consists of programs that controls, integrates and looks after the hardware components of a computer system. It mainly consists of operating systems (OS), database management systems (DBMS), communications control programs, and programming language translator.

Programming software helps a user to write computer programs and other programming software languages in a proper way. The Application software will take care of different tasks other than just running the computer system.

Random access memory (RAM) is the computer memory in which computer software is loaded. There are different types of software available in the market. For e.g. Antispyware Software protect your computer data from virus. The software consistency mulls over the faults, mistakes and breakdown that are related with the formation and operation of computer software.

By Mehar Grewal

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The Importance Of A Gaming Computer

Having a computer especially for gaming is the best way to go about. Today games are pretty realistic and you want to enjoy them thoroughly by ensuring that all movements within the game happen as you play. The best way to have gaming computer is to build one yourself, and you do not have to be a computer whiz to do that.

In order to build your custom computer for gaming you need to buy computer components separately and then use basic tools to put these components together. The best part is that based on what you need from your computer, you can carefully select each component so that you get the performance you are looking for.

There is no doubt that you will need a processor and a motherboard. However, you can easily customize them based on your requirement. Most regular computers are optimized for storage so you custom computer should be optimized for displaying graphics. Make sure you buy a good graphics card that ensures near-perfect video quality and smooth frame rates. There is no doubt that your computer will have a bigger RAM and hard drive when compared to a regular computer. This is important so do not neglect this aspect.

Building your own computer for gaming can end up being much cheaper than buying a pre-built one. Since you are buying each component separately, you end up saving a lot of money and you get a better performance.

The next time your computer slows to a crawl while you are playing your favorite game, you know that the only way forward for you is to build your own custom gaming computer.

By Pauline Go

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Three Steps to Remove Harmful Computer Trojans

Computer trojans can cause major problems for your system. When your PC is infected with computer trojans, the following things can happen:

*Files and websites open on their own
*Your computer slows down
*Your homepage changes without you having tone anything
*You get weird pop-ups and toolbars
*You can't see the Windows startup button
*Your computer shuts down on its own
*You can't use Control + Alt+ Delete

The removal of computer trojans is not easy, but it is doable. Here is what you want to do>:

1. Make Note of Any Problems on Your Computer

You should make a detailed list of the problems you are experiencing

2. Find a Trojan/Spyware Remover, and Do a Free Scan

There are a number or tools that will remove computer Trojans for you. Many will let you do a free scan to see exactly what computer trojans are on your system. You will want a trojan remover (also known as a spyware remover) that is easy to use, has a good help file, has a large database of computer trojans, and will work to protect your computer in the future

3. If You Find Threats, Invest in the Computer Trojan Removal Product

I know it is tempting to download a computer trojan remover that is free, but ironically, these programs often contain computer trojans. (This is true of many free products available for download online)

Once you have used a computer trojan remover, you will want to run the program again, until it is completely free of any intruders. And you should schedule regular system checkups, about every other week.

By Jeff Farley

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Learn Why You Need To Remove Spyware From Your Computer

Not everything on the internet is safe for your computer. There are programs on the internet called spyware which are looking to make it onto your computer somehow. When spyware gets on your computer your privacy is at risk because spyware reports back to the place it comes from what you are doing. Don't put yourself in the position of risking your personal data.

How do you get spyware
Spyware comes from visiting unsafe websites or downloading unsafe files. Are you sure you know that a website is safe? If you download something from an unsafe website, they could be sneaking spyware onto your computer without you knowing. Once the spyware software is on your computer you most likely won't even realize you were infected.

What can it do to your computer
Because spyware just wants information, it doesn't care how it gets it. This means that it can cause computer problems in the process. Do you notice more errors than normal or your computer taking long to do things? This is one of the effects of having a spyware infection.

What can you do
The best thing you can do to get rid of spyware is to run a scan. There is plenty of free spyware scanners available for you to use. These will search your computer for known spyware threats and tell you how to remove them. It is important that when spyware is found you remove it immediately. You don't want to put yourself at more risk by leaving it on your computer.

By Chris Smoth

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How To Fix A Computer Crash

If you run a pc operating system, you will need to know how to fix a computer crash. And trust me, not that I have anything against pc’s, because it what I use, but over 95% of the world uses it. And inevitably, you will crash your computer. So, we need to know how to fix it.

You should be fully aware that your computer will crash. This means when you are working on it, you should always ensure you are saving your work as you go. If you don’t really plan on saving the work, just temporarily, then it really does not matter what you call the file. Just don’t forget the name. This ensures you will still have your work if your computer crashes.

Then it happens: automatic restart, blue screen, of just locks up. All of these are problems with a computer crash. And luckily, you were saving your data all along, so you still have it. But how do we fix the crashed computer?

First, try to reboot. If it reboots fine, then you have a problem in your registry somewhere. Registry files tell the computer what to do, and if these are conflicting, or corrupt, then the computer does not know what to do. It panics, and crashes. You need to get these files fixed. Find a registry software fix and scan your computer. It will tell you if you have any errors. If you do, let the software fix them. Once fixed, your computer is good to go. I would also recommend running this software weekly, as a computer maintenance item.

If you can not reboot, reboot in safe mode. This will allow the computer to start up without all of the bells and whistles. Then you can find a registry cleaner and fix the problems.

Basically, I believe most computer crashes occur due to a problem in the computer’s registry files. This is the first place I look, and run my software to fix them. And keeping the registry files fixed will help prevent you from asking how to fix a computer crash.

By Michael Baker

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How To Remove Spyware From Your Computer

Spyware is a computer software that is installed secretly on a person's computer without his knowledge and they are designed to take control of the owner's interaction with his computer, but it does not spread in the manner viruses or worms do. Here is a look at some of the ways to remove spyware from a computer.

One of the easiest ways to do this is usually by deleting the program you suspect might have brought the spyware into your computer. For your information spyware normally gets onto a computer from file sharing programs, unknown e-mails and software which you download to your computer. But there are cases where deleting the software or the e-mail might not be enough to get the spyware of your computer.

In such cases you would need to get an anti-spyware remover program, which are usually free to download. These programs after you download them, go ahead to scan your computer and if it locates any spyware it would show them to you and if you want it to remove them from your computer you would have to buy the program. These programs are a great feature to look out for and they work similarly to an anti-virus. Using them to conduct scans of your computer would ensure that your computer is safe from harmful programs and more importantly spyware free

All things considered, if you think you might have some form of spyware on your computer I recommend you get one of the various anti-spyware remover programs available online and do a free scan of your computer before it becomes a problem.

By Jack Jimmy

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Why Increase Computer Memory

If you have ever been trying to run two or three programs at once on your computer and it seems to get really slow and sluggish, you may have a computer memory problem.

Computers have two kinds of memory, and both are very important if you accomplish many of your day's activities on a computer.

The first kind of computer memory is static computer memory. This is the amount of space you have to store things on your computer. When you save photos, video, music, documents and anything else on your computer, those files take up portions of your static computer memory.

The other kind of memory is RAM. This stands for Random Access Memory. This is essentially the space there is for things to be working on your computer. When you open Word, Internet programs, Photoshop and a few other programs, these are all pulling on your RAM computer memory to operate.

While the program itself is in your static memory, it requires space to work, and that is pulled from your RAM. It is much like having a game closet at home. All the board games are in the game closet, which is the static memory. When people decide to play games, there is only a certain amount of table space in the room where you can spread out and play. This is your RAM computer memory.

If you want to run a lot of programs or save a lot of video and audio files, you may need to expand both kinds of computer memory so your computer can keep up with your usage practices.

By Melanie C

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Five Simple Steps to Speed Up Your Computer

Most people download and save so much information on their computer that before long the computer starts slowing down and the user has no idea what the problem is. However, even if you are not a computer whiz there are several things you can easily do to speed up your computer quickly and easily.

Tip #1 Defrag

One of the first things you should do if you want to speed up your computer is to defrag. This is something you can easily do and a wizard on your computer will help you defrag. You might want to do it overnight, however, because it can take a long time.

Tip #2 Spyware Remover

Download a good spyware remover. Most computers have a lot of spyware running in the background, stealing information and slowing down your computer. Remove it frequently if possible.

Tip #3 Empty Temp Internet Files

Most Internet browsers save your last visited web pages for up to 30 days. If you don't want all of those pages saved then change the days to one or two, or none, whatever meets your needs.

Tip #4 Turn off Active Desktop

When you turn of active desktop that will be one less thing using memory on your computer. Plus, you won't really notice the difference.

Tip #5 Antivirus Programs

Make sure you have a good anti-virus program and use it frequently. If you are deleting virus and preventing them from feeding on your computer then you will have a faster computer as well.

Once you perform these simple tasks you will be amazed at how much faster your computer runs and with so little effort.

By Tim Lee

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Computer Slow Processing Problems

This is not an uncommon problem these days when a computer got stuck up in performing some tasks or operations.

The basic reasons behind this problems as follows:

Tons of unwanted software installed in the computers. Try to remove unwanted software in the computer. Because they consume lot of computer hard disk and also requires a large chunk of your computer RAM (Random Access Memory). Sometime some crucial files required for running these programs or software may get deleted or corrupted, so it results in hanging up your PC.

Do not install too many games that require heavy graphics, this will cause the computer to slow down and sometimes cause hang ups. If you really want to enjoy all that heavy games, get good RAM like 528 MB and any top end processor. This will help you boosting the performance of your computer when you run high graphic games.

Remove all the temporary files in the computer, they also slows down computer.

Try to do the defragmentation of Hard Disk once a week, it will boost up the performance of your computer.

Try to prevent your computer from dust by covering it with dust covers, as dust is one of the top enemy of PCs.
Keep your computer in a dry place as moist conditions are not good for the computer.

The points may help you improving and boosting the performance of your computer.

Take Care,

Happy Computing

The ideas above are own ideas of the author based on his 10 years experience on internet and networks. The author is not responsible in anyway for any damage or loss of data caused to the user directly or indirectly.

By Vinay Rana

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Computer Viruses - How to Remove a Computer Virus

Computer viruses infect millions of computers every day. Viruses can destroy data, steal important information, and even make a computer completely unusable. When a computer is infected by a virus it is imperative that the virus be removed as quickly as possible.

If a computer is infected by a computer virus the computer needs to be scanned by virus scanning software. If you do not own virus scanning software than you may buy some software at
If you do not wish to buy the virus scanning software at this point, than you may use a free virus scan which is located at

In order to use the freescan;

1. Go to,

2. Click on home & home office

3. Under the heading of free tools
(at the bottom of the page), click scan now

4. Click scan now (accepting user agreement)

5. The program will download an activex control (make sure that they are allowed), click install when prompted to do so

6. Make sure C: Drive is highlighted and click scan

7. If any files are found by Mcafee to have viruses, go to that location on your hard-drive, and delete those files.

If you cannot access the Internet as a result of the virus or the computer is unusable, than other measures may have to be taken. If the computer is unusable, and you have another hard-drive on hand, than you may hook up the damaged hard-drive as a slave drive.

(Consult the user manual of your computer to see where your hard-drive is hooked up, and how your motherboard is setup). You will have to unhook your hard-drive, put a different hard-drive in as the primary drive, and hookup the damaged drive as the slave drive (make sure the computer is shut down and unplugged when removing computer parts, also make sure you are grounded (static electricity destroys computer parts)). Once this is done than you may boot your computer, and copy the necessary files over to the other hard drive. You may also run scans on your slave drive at this point, in order to remove the virus from the damaged hard drive.

Another way to remove a virus from your computer is to use the removal tools on

1. If another computer is available
(if the virus infected computer is unusable), than go to

2. Click on the Security Response Tab

3. You can look for the virus that is infected on your computer. Once you find out what virus is infected on your computer (look for the behavior that the virus is exhibiting on your computer), you can click on the Downloads Tab

4. Click on Virus Removal Tools

5. Click on the virus that is infected on your computer

6. Follow the instructions on the virus removal page in order to remove the virus from the infected computer.

from Your Computer

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Home Computer Desks - A Guide To Choosing A New Computer Desk

Modern home computer desks are cleverly designed to hold all kinds of computing equipment, whilst keeping everything you need within reach and easily accessible. A new computer desk makes an affordable and much more user-friendly alternative to keeping your computer on an old table or writing desk that isn't designed for that purpose. Computer desks all have the basic features, such as shelving for a CPU, monitor and printer and a pullout keyboard shelf, but there are also loads of optional extras worth considering, depending on your needs.

A rectangular-shaped compact computer desk is the most common design, which can be positioned against any wall in your home. Various styles are available, including those with bookshelves, CD compartments and drawers. If space is limited, for instance if you don't have a dedicated home office but have to squeeze your computer into a bedroom or dining room, then a corner computer desk could be the answer. Corner desks make efficient use of the space available and won't dominate the room.

An L shaped computer desk is another option to consider, particularly if you spend a lot of time working at your computer and require lots of work surface to spread out your paperwork. Another advantage of an L shaped desk is it can be positioned so as to make a clear divide in a room, so you have a designated workspace. A U shaped computer desk is another style, which is useful for providing lots of work surface and storage space, so all your office accessories can be kept within easy reach of your desk.

Many people aren't lucky enough to have a spare room to use as a computer room or study and have to use their computer in another room, such as a dining area or guestroom. In these situations, it can be handy to be able to conceal your computer desk when it's not being used, to give the room a more orderly appearance. A mobile computer cart is one option, which can be wheeled into a closet or out of the way. A computer armoire is another choice, which enables you to shut the doors on your workstation, whilst keeping your room looking neat and tidy.

Whatever your needs, you're sure to find a computer desk that's just right for you. Once the practicalities are taken care of, you can take your pick from the variety of colors and finishes on offer, from wood such as oak or cherry, to metal or plastic. A computer desk can make a functional and attractive addition to your home.

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How To Clean Up A Slow Computer?

Are you looking for ways on how to clean up a slow computer? Having a slow computer is very frustrating, especially when you have a piece of work that you need to rush. It is something that every computer user will experience. This article aims to explain some of the reasons behind a slow computer, and hopefully provide you the right solution to your slow computer.

One of the main reasons for a slow computer is a corrupt registry. It is not advisable to try to clear your registry yourself, because it can be very dangerous for your system if you accidentally delete the wrong entries. There are powerful registry cleaning software available on the internet that are able to clean out your registry in less than 10 minutes. If you suspect that you may have a corrupt registry, you can visit the link at the end of this article to download a registry cleaning software for a free scan.

Running the disk cleanup program may also help with your system speed. The disk cleanup will free up space in your computer, and result in a larger processing memory in your computer.

A de-fragmentation program can reorganize your data on your disk drive to increase its operating speed. This process can take up to a few hours, so you will need to ensure that you have the available free time to leave your computer on.

The system tools folder in your computer may also contain several programs that can increase the speed of your computer. Using the free utilities in the system folder have helped to increase my computer speed.

Your computer might also be running slow if you have too many programs running. It might not be the programs that you are seeing, but the programs that are running in the background that are hidden from you that are slowing the computer down. Check the programs that are always activated on your system, and disable any that are useless. Certain programs may use up more resources and memory.

By Austin Porter

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Why Dell Computers Are Kings Of The PC's

Dell computers will still come preloaded with trial versions of anti-virus software, Acrobat Reader and Google tools . They also inform about a new software uninstall utility in the U.S (pre-installed on Dimension and Inspiron systems) that allows customers to further control and choose what software is on their system. Dell Computers can now be accessed through eBuy through ýeCatalogý. This new process enables Requestors and/or Transactors to punch-out directly to Dellýs premier website, receive University discounted pricing, add items to a cart and return to eBuy seamlessly. Dell Computers is one of the great success stories of the microcomputer revolution. Starting with only $1000 in capital, Michael Dell built a computer manufacturer which is one of the most successful, and which changed the way that computer manufacturers provide products to consumers.

Dell computers are built for high performance, reliability, and ease of connectivity in Case's high performance "10/100/1000"Gigabit Ethernet environment. Ready for instant connectivity at Case, Dell's Case package will enable you to achieve your professional, academic, and personal goals.

Dell computers often have better components than the competitors and cost less. I definitely recommend either the XPS or Latitude line of laptops if you are going to make a purchase. Dell Computers has a wide selection of computers and computer accessories available. You can purchase desktop computers for your home or office at the click of a mouse. Dell computers are assembled in Austin, Texas, but from some 4,500 parts sourced from hundreds of suppliers scattered around the world, from Malaysia to Korea but clustered especially in Taiwan and China.

Dell computers are sold on line as well and it can be easily ordered. Dell laptops are known for their reliability. Dell Computers has a way to get around that with their online shopping options. No longer will you be subjected to pushy sales people trying to make a bigger commission.

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Desktop Computers - Get the Right Desktop Computer

Nowadays, almost every home has a desktop computer made up of a keyboard, monitor, a mouse, and the CPU (Central Processing Unit), which contains the RAM, processor, hard drive, motherboard, CD drives, different expansion cards, and a modem. An average desktop computer is enough for performing different kinds of functions for office applications, image editing, gaming, video editing, etc. but there are also desktop computers configured for the needs of a particular user.

Here are three of the most common types of desktop computers for different kinds of users:


These desktop computers are ideal for basic functions in the home and office like typing documents, printing, and Internet surfing. Usually, they have a single processor with 1 or 2 video slots. They also come with a keyboard, monitor, mouse, and additional components like webcams, speakers, microphones, etc.


Gaming desktop computers provide you with high-quality sounds and full-screen displays. The typical gaming desktop has high-end video cards with fast and powerful processors for faster frame rates and maximum video resolutions. They have more peripheral ports for game controllers like joysticks and gamepads, with well-ventilated cases for heavy usage. They can also be easily upgraded.


The workstation desktop is for multitasking, networking, and ideal for heavy office tasks like database and spreadsheet applications. It has a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and optional peripherals like webcams, speakers, and microphones. Most workstation computers either have dual-core or dual processors, several memory sockets, and can easily be upgraded.

Your own desktop

When shopping for a desktop computer, keep in mind your purpose – after all, you don’t want to be paying for peripherals that you will never use. Also, ensure that it already has several ports for connecting basic accessories like the mouse, keyboard, USB, FireWire, and webcams.

for Your Needs

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How To Make Your Computer Run Faster

When you add a file or a new program to a new computer, the hard drive is relatively empty so new data is saved to the hard drive in one whole block. When you need to use that information, the computer can quickly access it because it is all in one place.

When using your computer adding files and applications, the hard drive starts to become full. when you delete or remove programs you create little empty gaps among the other data that the computer will reuse. Eventually, the computer is no longer saving information in big blocks. Instead, it puts information in the many small empty areas of your hard drive. The result is that one program or file is broken up, or fragmented, into small bits pieces and stored in several different areas of the hard disk. The computer ingeniously keeps track of the location of each piece of data and puts it all together when it is needed. Yet, obviously, the more in pieces the information is, the longer it takes to access the information and the slower the computer becomes. To make a computer run faster we need to defrag it, read below to find out step by step how to do this!

1.From the start menu point to "all programs"

2.Point to "Accessories"

3.Point to "System Tools"

4. Click on "Disk Defragmenter

5. The disk defragmenter will display the hard drives on your computer. Just select and click Defragment.

If you have multiple hard drives here, defrag each drive.

By Brooks Carver

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How To Fix A Slow Computer

Do you want to learn how to fix a slow computer? Most likely you are a computer user, but have no idea about why your computer starts to slow down over time. Having experienced a slow computer myself, I was finally able to clean up my slow computer and make it run like brand new again.

What I Did To Fix My Slow Computer

To make your computer run faster again, you will need to repair your registry files. They are the files in your computer registry that give the software and hardware the instructions to run properly. A computer registry filled with errors will cause the computer to slow down, because the applications get stuck while running. Another result of a bad registry is the frequent freezing of the computer.

How To Fix Your Computer Registry

The computer registry is a component of the computer that is not regularly talked about, yet it is one of the most important. Most people have no idea about a computer registry, even after years of using their own PC.

Fixing your computer registry requires you to download a good registry cleaner. Try not to fix your registry by yourself, because any mistakes made may be fatal to the system. The registry cleaner I used managed to detect all the errors in my computer registry, and proceeded to clean up all of them. The whole process took about 10 minutes to complete. To download the top registry cleaner on the internet, visit my website link below to learn more about the best 5 registry cleaners.

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