Computer Cables and Adapters 101

Computer cables and adapters allow you to connect your computer either to a network or to hardware. Several computer cables and adapters have emerged, but which one is right for your computer system? Read on to find out.

Types of computer cables and adapters

Computer networking cables connect your computer to a mother network. These tools are most commonly used in offices to connect the computer to a single server. Apart from networking cables, there are also USB, printer, and monitor cables. These cables all perform different functions in your computer. The Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable allows for hardware devices to be connected to your computer. USBs are best for plug-and-play devices. Printer cables connect the printer to your cable. Without it, you cannot print documents and images. Finally, a monitor cable connects the monitor to your computer.

Computer adapters

Computer adapters connect your computer to a computer network. There are several types of computer networks available. There is the 1394 net adapter port that connects your computer through a cable. This type of adapter provides FireWire ports for digital devices. Another type of adapter is the 1394 net adapter plug. A 1394 adapter connects to the computer directly.

Making the right choice

In choosing the right computer cables and adapters, it is important to check for compatibility. Do not just buy any cable or adapter – be sure that it is well-suited to your computer’s, your laptop’s, or your hardware’s specifications. Also, for faster connections, choose only a 1394 net adapter that has a 800 Mbps transfer rate for better file transfers.

By Ilse Hagen

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