What Is Spyware And What Does It Do?

Spyware is a type of computer software that is installed sneakily onto a personal computer with the intention of taking partial control over the computer, without the informed consent of the user. One of the ways that spyware enters the computer is when new programs are installed. Another method of entering a computer is as a software virus.

Once spyware gets installed onto your computer it wreaks havoc on and adversely affects the performance of the infected computer. In extreme cases spyware can also cause the computer to crash.

The spyware obstructs the user's control over the computer by installing additional unwanted software, rerouting advertising income to a third party, accessing harmful websites blindly and redirecting web-browser activity. Spyware also secretly monitors the behavior of the user and relays the collected information to advertisers and other interested parties.

Spyware is also capable of altering the settings of the computer, which results in a slowing down of connection speeds or loss of the internet altogether. The home page could also get inadvertently changed.

Very often, data collecting programs are intentionally installed on to a user's computer for various data collection purposes. Since these programs are installed with the explicit knowledge and consent of the user, these applications are strictly not considered as spyware.

Adware, which is software that comes in the guise of advertisements are also considered as spyware because it almost always contains components that track and report user information to third parties.

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to protection your computer from any harmful spyware. Also, as far as possible, avoid clicking on pop-up ads, which normally come loaded with spyware. Downloading one of the reputed anti-spyware software that is easily available on the internet and running it regularly on your computer will prevent spyware from surreptitiously entering your computer with out your knowledge.

By Gabriel J. Adams

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