Computer Memory Card - How Good Are They?

Computer cards typically include a battery to provide power to retain information in memory and for operations, such as input and output functions. Such computer cards may provide memory expansion for data storage. Memory cards generally consume only minimal amounts of current. Therefore, the battery used by memory cards may last several years. But during periods of time when a computer card is detached from a host computer, the computer card continues to draw current, if only for memory support, therefor draining the battery. When the computer card is hooked to a host computer, the computer can recognize the low voltage as an indication of low battery. In some cases a message may be displayed by the computer alerting you of a low battery. However, most computer cards are unable to independently alert a user of a low battery condition. Because the computer cards are small insize, the battery is usually very small, resulting in limited battery capacity, Because they are so small, typical computer cards are unable to independently alert a user to a low battery condition, the low battery condition could go unnoticed by the user for a long time during which the computer card is not hooked to the computer.


With a computer having connectors with card slots and replaceable computer cards, Mounted in the card slots is a retainer device for securing computer cards. An anchor mounted on the connectors and a tie wrapped around a computer card mounting, the tie having the connector ends engaged with the clip to secure the card in the slot. The clip having prongs and the prongs being hooked with the sides of a connector and the anchor having at least one pair of anchor hooks, each of the hooks being located on opposite sides of the connector and engaged with one of the connector ends of the tie. The card retainer may also be used for any other electronic device where you have plug-in cards for which a problem of physical dislodgement of the card occurs. Many of these computer cards are manufactured in accordance with PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association) standards and are referred to as PCMCIA cards.

By Jesse Miller

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