Three Steps To Remove Spywares In Your Computer System

Spyware is computer software that tends to collect the personal information about the computer users without the user consent. To put it simply, your personal information are expose over the internet especially if you do not have any precautionary measures such as the use of Anti-spyware software.

Problems with spyware infections are common nowadays. Especially when we are surfing the web, we are prone to malicious spyware infections. In order to keep your computer system safe from any infections like spywares are not simple since we cannot rely just merely on Anti-virus software alone. Some spyware infections are smart and hide within your computer system, waiting for the right opportunity to pop out and mess up your computer. So how can you prepare yourself and keep your computer safe from spyware infections.

Here is a step by step guide where you can effectively remove the spywares that infects the system in your computer.

Step 1:

Choose one commercial Anti-spyware (either SpySweeper or Spyware Doctor). These are the top-rated Anti-Spyware software available today. Use one of these softwares to scan your computer system. (Bear in mind, DO NOT install two of the softwares inside the same computer at the same time; it would just cause the softwares to conflict with each other).

After you have done this, follow the instructions from the Anti-spyware software’s to quarantine the infected files in your computer.

Step 2:

Use 2 free on-line anti-Spyware scanners onto your computer system. First with TrendMicro’s Online HouseCall and the second scanner to use is X-Cleaner Micro Edition. (Follow through the instructions for both scanners as you proceed with the system scan on your computer system).

Step 3:

Scan your computer again with your Anti-virus software (for example: you can use the AVG Anti-virus Free Edition Software). After that, reboot (restart) your computer. After your computer restart, scan your computer again with the Commercial Anti-Spyware software.

By now, your computer system should be clean from any spyware infections.

By Andi Abdullah

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