How to Remove Spy Ware from Your Computer

I can still remember the day that it happened. I had just bought a brand new computer and went downstairs to grab a bite to eat. My teenage son took over my seat while I went downstairs to look up some music lyrics. 10 minutes later, when I went back upstairs I had so many popup windows open on my computer that I couldn't see the desktop. Within just a few minutes my computer had been invaded by dozens of these intrusive programs and they were having a party on my computer. It took me several days to remove them all.

Perhaps you have been in this same situation, you are bombarded by spy ware and all the problems that come along with it, from popup windows to hijacked webpages. If you want to remove spy ware from your computer you have a few options, depending on how advanced of a computer user you are.

For those that know their way around the computer and aren't afraid to edit things such as the computer registry you can remove spy ware by downloading programs that output a log of all the programs running on your computer. You would then post these results to a tech forum and they will give you instructions on how to remove spy ware from your computer.

If you have some extra money laying around you could also take your computer in to a tech support place and have their technicians work on your computer for you. Be ready to do without your computer for about a week and spend a hundred dollars or so for this service, something that I wasn't willing to do.

If you want a more automated way to remove spy ware from your computer there are several programs that will scan your computer for free and let you know what problems they detect. It can then run on your computer and clean it all up for you. There are very few spy ware programs that these types of software cant remove automatically.

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