Three Steps to Remove Harmful Computer Trojans

Computer trojans can cause major problems for your system. When your PC is infected with computer trojans, the following things can happen:

*Files and websites open on their own
*Your computer slows down
*Your homepage changes without you having tone anything
*You get weird pop-ups and toolbars
*You can't see the Windows startup button
*Your computer shuts down on its own
*You can't use Control + Alt+ Delete

The removal of computer trojans is not easy, but it is doable. Here is what you want to do>:

1. Make Note of Any Problems on Your Computer

You should make a detailed list of the problems you are experiencing

2. Find a Trojan/Spyware Remover, and Do a Free Scan

There are a number or tools that will remove computer Trojans for you. Many will let you do a free scan to see exactly what computer trojans are on your system. You will want a trojan remover (also known as a spyware remover) that is easy to use, has a good help file, has a large database of computer trojans, and will work to protect your computer in the future

3. If You Find Threats, Invest in the Computer Trojan Removal Product

I know it is tempting to download a computer trojan remover that is free, but ironically, these programs often contain computer trojans. (This is true of many free products available for download online)

Once you have used a computer trojan remover, you will want to run the program again, until it is completely free of any intruders. And you should schedule regular system checkups, about every other week.

By Jeff Farley

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