Why Increase Computer Memory

If you have ever been trying to run two or three programs at once on your computer and it seems to get really slow and sluggish, you may have a computer memory problem.

Computers have two kinds of memory, and both are very important if you accomplish many of your day's activities on a computer.

The first kind of computer memory is static computer memory. This is the amount of space you have to store things on your computer. When you save photos, video, music, documents and anything else on your computer, those files take up portions of your static computer memory.

The other kind of memory is RAM. This stands for Random Access Memory. This is essentially the space there is for things to be working on your computer. When you open Word, Internet programs, Photoshop and a few other programs, these are all pulling on your RAM computer memory to operate.

While the program itself is in your static memory, it requires space to work, and that is pulled from your RAM. It is much like having a game closet at home. All the board games are in the game closet, which is the static memory. When people decide to play games, there is only a certain amount of table space in the room where you can spread out and play. This is your RAM computer memory.

If you want to run a lot of programs or save a lot of video and audio files, you may need to expand both kinds of computer memory so your computer can keep up with your usage practices.

By Melanie C

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