Why Is My Computer So Slow?

Do you often ask yourself "why is my computer so slow"? Almost every computer user has no idea why their computer slows down. I knew I was looking for answers in the past because my computer would slow down for no apparent reason. Some people told me that it was due to spyware on my computer, but clearing my spyware had no effect on my computer's performance. It was then that I figured out the problem must be coming from within the system.

1. Why Does A Computer Slow Down?

After doing more extensive research in online websites and forums, I learnt that a majority of computer slowdown cases were caused by errors in the computer registry. Most people do not know what the registry is for, or how it can slow down a computer.

2. What Is The Computer Registry?

The registry files in the computer contain the instructions and settings to tell your hardware and software how to run correctly. When an application is executed, the computer will proceed to look for the right registry keys. Over time, the registry will contain more errors, or the registry keys may become messy after the system has moved them multiple times. When the system finds missing or corrupted entries, it will start to slow down tremendously, or even crash.

3. How To Fix Your Computer Registry?

Fixing your computer is easy, but you should not attempt to do it yourself unless you are experienced with changing registry settings. I download a top rated registry cleaner and it scanned my computer before revealing the hundreds of errors in my computer registry. About 10 minutes later, my computer was cleaned up, and its processing speed was significantly increased. My computer felt like it was brand new again. For a list of the top registry cleaners on the market, visit my website link at the end of this article to learn more.

4. Maintaining Your Registry

After your registry has been cleaned up, you should still do maintenance on it. Set your registry cleaner to do a scan and fix once every few weeks to keep your computer running smoothly. Fix your registry files and make your computer run like new again!

By Austin Porter

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