The Basics of Computer Forensics

Computer forensics would be the process of the investigation of computer systems through the collection and analysis of computer-related evidence and information to be able to determine any unauthorized or illegal involvement of these evidences in fraudulent activities and other crimes. This fairly new field is already being used by the military, law enforcement, businesses and intelligence agencies. The protocols in computer evidence processing are meticulously observed as it goes through the process, as all findings must be presented in court.

Computer forensics is not just confined to the process of computer data recovery. It is a fast growing technique of investigation, which is used by forensic specialists to retrieve data, which has been stored or encrypted electronically on digital media like work or personal computers. Law enforcement agencies also make use of computer forensics in gathering evidence on suspects or other known criminals. Experts on computer forensics could easily detect rogue contractors, as well as employees who have been leaking critical data like sensitive customer information or company plans.

A lot of computer forensics professionals internalize the techniques while working on the job on computer security or law enforcement positions. However, with the field widely expanding, employers are regularly looking for several candidates who have formal education and certificate programs in computer forensics that are available from a lot of institutions. These formal education programs offer the instructions regarding computer skills, pertinent legal issues, and other forensic tools which they would be needing as they work as computer forensics professionals.

The formal education programs offer instructions on pertinent legal issues, computer skills, and forensic tools that they will need while working as computer forensics professionals.

They should have extensive knowledge of computer systems and programs and the ability to retrieve information from them. Often, they are required to retrieve data that has been deleted from the device. For this, the specialist makes use of particular computer forensics software and other tools.

By Bill Pratt

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