Do I Buy a Personal or a Business Computer?

In any online business having a computer capable of performing business computing. Any computer used for online business will need to be able to handle business computing software and the more robust business use. Pricing will need to be considered as well. You will want a fast processor and plenty of RAM. Intel Core 2 Duo will process faster than Celeron so if speed is a requirement of your business applications you will want to gravitate to Intel. Get the right tool for the right job, so in computer processing if speed is not an issue, Celeron will save some costs.

Whether you get a computer from a business computer store or a personal computer for the job, remember in either case, business software will not necessarily come with it. The main difference is likely to be the version of windows, and the way the computer looks on the desk. Business computers and personal computers are made by the same companies, and have the same hardware.

You can well ask if a personal computer or business computer is better. Either is good for certain portions of business applications. What you do not want to happen is for the computer to be down. It is not a good idea to look for the cheapest computer, but looking for the computer which meets your needs at the lowest price for that computer is.

Consumer computers are tested and so are business computers. Remember business class hardware is what you find in both classes of computers as they both have the same general hardware.

Most computer problems are due to software, not hardware problems. Most business use computers to access internet sites, letters, emails, spreadsheets, and accounting. The issue is not consumer verses business computer, but business software and how well it works with the computer, and how reliable the computer system is.

If computer reliability and needs is determined to be a consumer brand rather than a business brand, then by all means use the consumer. On the other hand if the opposite is determined to be true go with the business brand. While business is regular warned to use business brands, the fact is most small business uses computers only slightly more than the consumer brand in the home.

By Ian RoeBuck

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