How to Make Your Personal Computer Run Faster

It is quite obvious that the speed of most computers tend to decrease gradually when compared with its speed at the time of purchase. It is quite possible to increase the speed of most computers by just performing simple computer maintenance. However, you should not expect your computer to perform more than its capacity. You should not expect your Pentium II computer to perform like a Pentium III Computer. Also, your computer with a 64 MB Ram can not perform like one with 256 MB Ram.

Not withstanding the speed of your processor and size of your computer memory, the speed at which a computer performs tasks tends to decrease with time. With time, your windows will start loading slower, your programs will require much time to launch and in general, the performance of your computer becomes slow.

When you experience some of the problems above, you should not worry much. You can take some of the steps below to increase the speed of your personal computer, be it a notebook computer or a laptop computer.

You can actually increase the speed of you personal computer by using a disk cleanup utility available in most windows. Disk Cleanup Utility will enable you to clear your personal computer of unnecessary files. Unnecessary files present in the recycle bin, compress old files, temporary files and many other files which may not be useful is removed by the Disk Cleanup Utility. Removal of such files will help to improve the performance of you Personal Computer.

Another way of increasing the speed of your personal computer is by uninstalling unnecessary or unused software. Unused system software will always use up your system resources and makes it to run slower. If you have unnecessary or unused software in your personal computer, it will be wise to uninstall them and increase the speed of your personal computer.

You can also increase the speed of a computer by increasing the size of the memory. Increasing the size of your computer memory can drastically increase the speed of performance of your personal computer.

Apply these little tips and watch the speed of your computer increase drastically.

By Victor Ezeaku

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Anonymous said...

When it comes to making my computer faster I think the best thing for it is to, throw it out of the nearest window and buy a new one!

I really think its time I purchased a new one as the one that I currently have is way beyond any upgrade and new programs and games that are being released just won't run as they are meant to.

So I have been looking around the net and found that the comet sale is soon around the corner. Sitting and waiting could be a good option here.

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