Few Strategies How to Minimize Using Energy For Your Personal Computer

Energy crisis becomes global issue today, people tend spend much energy for daily need, especially electricity energy. We always use varieties electronic products in our life that use electricity for energy, as computer, air conditioning, washing machine and others products.
Without considering what kind of profession that you have, as entrepreneur, worker, student or house wife must use computer in daily activities.

We suggest few strategies how to minimize energy for Personal Computer users,

1.Use black view screen than varieties colors screen. Using images and varieties colors spend much energy.

2.The solid data of your server will spend much energy than normal data content. You will face problems with solid data server, although there are new server products that more economizing.

3.Use portable computer (lap top) more efficient than work station computer or desktop computer.

4.Use Voice over IP for organization and industry. Technology Voice over IP, without using cable and network maintenance, because one IP can be used data and voice.

5.Shut down your computer when you do not use it, especially at night.

6.You do not need to buy a new computer, if your old computer can be up graded.

7.Be wise to buy a new computer, your new computer must be test from save energy.

8.Use computer with LCD monitor than CRT, because LCD monitor more efficient energy.

9.Use in jet printer than laser printer.

10.Decrease to use monitor, if we can access from remote administrator.

11.Use email than facsimile.

12. Be wise to use monitor computer, 17 inc. monitor use 30 % energy than 15 inc. monitor.

By Eriana Nurul

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