5 Indicators That You Are Computer Addicted!

A computer is a great tool but sometimes it can be one of the biggest obstacles you can have reaching your goals. I experienced that myself! I tried to do everything I had to do using my computer brainstorming, strategy planning,... You name it I have tried it. My computer was on every minute - and I checked emails as often as possible - I realized I was a computer freak.

Imagine the time you lose checking your email every minute- doing tasks at the computer that take you minutes on a paper but on the computer you have to find a software that can do the task and then you have to figure out how to use the software - see what I mean.

And I am sure I am not the only one that had this experience.

Since I am aware of this and avoid many of my mistakes I saved a lot of time and got more productive - so will you here are 5 indicators that you are computer addicted:

1) You have your computer always with you.

2) You check emails before sleeping and soon after awaking

3) You have your email software set to check emails every minute

4) You check every new software that is out there - even if you are sure you never will need it.

5) You try to do every task you have to do with your computer.

By Johannes Nefischer

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