3D Computer Graphics


Giving life to any kind of presentation is just simply known as Graphics. Graphics is an image appearance such as wall, stone, screen, paper are used to visualize for entertainment purpose. For example photographs, graphs, diagrams, typography, numbers, symbols, geometric designs, images, drawings, line art, typography and engineering drawings and other images. Graphics design is use on purpose of selection, creation, arrangements of typography.

3D Computer Graphics:

3D computer graphics are basically created with the support of graphic art, digital computers and 3D software. 3D Computer graphics is nothing but to submit the good graphics or the computer graphic techniques which is related to new technology. 3D computer graphic is vaguely differing from 2D computer graphics. 3D is another way to say as a three dimensional. Three dimensional represents a geometric data which is previously accumulated in the personal computer. Three dimensional execute calculations and description 2D images. 2D images are display on real time screening.

3D modeling is one of the computer graphics. 3D computer graphics algorithm is frequently based on the 2D computer graphics. A 3D technique is frequently achieving the effects of lighting and striking. 3D computer graphics is commonly based on 3D computer graphics software which is way to create 3D computer generated imagery.

Application programming interface (API’s) in 3D computer graphics:

3D computer graphics are most fashionable in computer games. 3D computer graphics are very special in (API’s) Application programming interface concept it’s very simple to do the 3D computer graphics. Striking computer games are source of 3D computer graphics. Computer games are very admirable and eye-catching mainly in 3D computer graphics. 3D becomes very fashionable in computer games with realistic work.
API’s has improved their status in computer games and crucial in graphics hardware. API’s has present a program to approach the graphics hardware in a fantasy way.

Computer Games:

A Computer game is supposed to come under the control of 3D computer graphics. Computer game can also call as video game. A video game is an effective entertainment to child and each every person who are interested in computer games. 3D graphics brings each person to beneath the control of computer games. 3D is a great interactive entertainment with computer and video games. Computer game is usually placed in a personal computer.


Computer animation is one of the subfield of computer graphics. Computer graphics is supposed to animate the standard image. Animation is used to increase their status in 3D computer graphics and 2D computer graphics. 2D computer graphics is single bandwidth and also quite fast. To increase the speed of animation they introduce the 3D computer graphics. 3D computer graphics is not only in computer target itself and also mainly used in film and other 3D animation. 3D animation film is very popular in their people. Animation also has computer generated imagery (CGI) and that is mainly used for animation films.

Animation also views on the screen of computer and televisions; an image is swapping by a previous image to new image its measured action. 3D animation objects are creating in the computer monitor. 2D animation objects are used create skeleton and not the other part of the skeleton virtual. 3D animation is use to create a head, eyes, mouth and clothes etc. 3D animation are used to made the action what they created.
With the help of key frames they utilize the computer process. In 3D animation all frames and modeling are utilize to complete the animation. You can place an animation under the bandwidth conditions.

By Rose Wiliams

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