3 Reasons Why Your Computer Registry May Be Corrupt

Is your computer running like a slug these days? Does it take forever to fire up? There are a number of things that could be wrong with your PC, but my guess is that your computer registry is to blame. Fortunately, it's pretty easy to fix.

1. Computer Registry Errors

Almost always, when your computer bogs down and runs slow, it's because there's a problem in the computer registry. Registry files determine how everything runs, and if you've had your PC for more than a year, there's a very good chance your computer registry is corrupt.

2. Spyware And Adware

If your computer is connected to the internet at all times, there's a very good chance it is infected with spyware and adware. These intruders are placed on your computer to monitor the sites you visit, and what you do when you are there. To remove spyware, pick up a good spyware cleaner. Programs designed to fix your computer registry do not get rid of spyware.

3. Viruses

Viruses can also cause computer problems, though they are not nearly as common as problems with the computer registry or other issues related to spyware. To get rid of a virus, find a piece of anti-virus software. Make sure to scan all documents, in particular, look for those you've downloaded off the internet. Files that are especially at risk include songs or games you've downloaded, as well as email attachments.

It is possible to fix your computer registry on your own, but I would not recommend it. To be honest, I would not even try it myself. Even the most advanced users opt for a registry cleaner to fix their computer registry. The damage that can be done far outweighs the cost of a computer registry cleaner, which runs about 25 to 50 bucks.

By Jeff Farley

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