4 Tips on Computer Troubleshooting

Tip No. 1 of Optimizing your Computer

Computer users normally don't do clearing of unwanted stuff in computer eg. Cookies, Internet Temporary Files. Do have a habit of bookmarking your frequent visit site if you don't wish to remember the site name, so you can frequently clear your Cookies and Internet Temporary Files.

Tip No. 2 of Optimizing your Computer

Setting virtual memory correctly is also important. Setting it too high or too low will slow down your system. The minimum virtual memory size is your (RAM size X 2) and the maximum will be your (RAM size X 2) + (Half your Ram Size).

Tip No. 3 of Optimizing your Computer

Unwanted entry in the registry of your computer also takes up you system space. You can download free tools to clear your unwanted entry in the registry of your computer from Computer Troubleshooting Store.

Tip No. 4 of Optimizing your Computer

Don't place too much shortcuts or files on the desktop, try to reduce the shortcut at about less then 10 as these will increase the boot up time for you computer.

All these tips is base on my experience encounter when I am troubleshooting for my customer. There is a lot of way to optimize your computer. But please don't choose paying method, as these will not waste you time searching it. You will be wasting your money on certain software that you buy. And all these it might not guarantee that it will work, so why still waste you money and you time searching for it.

By Derrick Seah

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