5 Ways To Speed A Computer

In my work I run across a lot of people that have severely neglected their computer for years. Here is a list of the top five tips as a computer tech that I would recommend for any user to help maintain their computer and keep it running great.

There is a lot you can do yourself to boost your computers performance but we are going to discuss the basics today.

1. First, Free Up Disk Space - One of the primary ways to make a computer run faster is by freeing up disk space. This will give you more space on your hard disk. Certain utilities used identify certain files that can be safely deleted without making any serious changes and then it lets you choose whether you want to delete some or all of the files it identifies.

2. Second, Arrange Files in Proper Order - When you install a file or program to your computer, the hard drive is mostly empty so new data is saved in one whole block. Then when you call for that information, the computer can usually find quickly because it is all in one spot. As time goes by your computer will return the file but it will be in a different order and in different locations so the necessity to arrange the files is necessary. There are lots of programs you can buy to do this but some are great and others are not.

3. Three, Get Rid of Spyware - Spyware is a program that will do bad things to your computer by design; many times it gets installed with your consent. They can take advantage of the fact that people will click "I Agree" to software agreements without reading them. The best method to rid yourself of this sort of spyware programs is to scan your computer like an anti-virus program. Be careful if you do this yourself as lot of the spyware programs out there are of themselves malicious and will put the viruses into your PC in order to create a problem they can solve after you buy something.

4. Forth, Find and Repair Disk Errors - Another computer issue that needs precaution are disk errors. Your computer or your hard drive as it gets older may encounter errors that need to be repaired. There are certain ways we scan the disk and repair those errors but most people are a little afraid of doing this because they imagine working on the drive itself. Most repair businesses are able to do this with little or no risk involved.

5. Fifth, Buy a External Hard Drive - When you add a external hard drive to your PC you can clean out most files that should not really be on your main hard drive. Like pictures and music files that are not used a lot yet they can occupy a lot of space. These files are exactly what you want to move onto your new hard drive because they are clogging up the hard drive and making it difficult to use. Many other kinds of files also qualify for being stored on an external hard drive too.

Most repair companies offer an option to obtain extra hardware and they will install it too for a price. If you take these precautions ahead of time you will find your repair needs are minimized and reduced over time.

By: Detro Canaro

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