Adware Installation Stealth Tactics

How it works: adware may be installed with so-called free software without mentioning that included anywhere in the licensed software or documentation. Or the mention of the software package buried deep in the click-wrap license agreement.

How to protect yourself: It's a clich repeated endlessly, but it's true: only install software from developers you trust. That does not mean you have never tried any software from a new company. Just familiarize yourself with the developer's reputation before opening wide your hard drive. Look for a developer in search engines. If a dozen anti-spyware ads listed alongside search results, it was not a good sign.

How to resist: If you have downloaded the freebie expensive, it may be too late to simply uninstall it. The bundled adware will likely remain in your computer after the software that came with it has been sent to the recycling bin. Instead, you should use anti-spyware programs, and more than two to make sure.

Tactics 2. Adware Drive-by

How it works: adware may hide in the website code and download itself automatically to the site visitor's hard drive. This is often referred to as "drive-by" installation.

How to protect yourself: drive-by installation of software tend to occur in commercial sites, it's not personal homepage, blog, or Web sites established business. If you can avoid surfing in such rough water, you will be much safer from adware attacks.

How to resist: If you suspect that the site has been downloaded software to your computer, close immediately and run anti-spyware and antivirus software. You may also want to clear your browser cache and also any program downloads folders and temporary internet folders, just in case a new type of adware is adware that is not in the software anti-spyware database yet.

Tactics 3: The Old-Fashioned Way: Email

How it works: You know the drill: just as with viruses, adware may come as email attachments. Secretly is that just does not open the attachment may not be enough to protect you. Attachments may not display the attachment icon and set to auto-install as soon as the message is opened.

How to protect yourself: make sure your email software does not open the file attachment automatically. With most of the new email software applications the option to block automatic downloads of attached files is set as the default. But to be truly secure, you must set the device anti-spyware software automatically monitor all email.

How to fight: deleting email without opening offensive or attachment (assuming that is not happening already). Run a full scan your hard drive using the anti-spyware and antivirus software.

By: John Pawlett

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