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Do you ever get that creepy feeling that someone is watching you and your every move? It may be true; spyware may be tracking your every move when you browse or visit sites on the internet.

Well, spyware is that stranger ? and in many cases can cause harm to you, your credit score and to your computer equipment. Each time you log onto the internet spyware may be performing its dastardly deeds. The main purpose of most spyware is to track the sites you browse or visit. That information is then sold to advertisers who can then bombard you with emails about their products, special offers, etc. Very often when spyware is operating, so is a companion adware ? adware is responsible for the relentless and annoying pop-up ads you may have experienced.

Most spyware comes along with adware. Adware is responsible for the irritating and constant pop-up ads you may be getting. All of this extra email traffic, along with pop-up ads can actually make your computer operate more slowly. If you?ve noticed that your computer is slowing down (for no apparent reason), consider looking into a program that blocks spyware.

As bad as slowing down your computer, bombarding your email inbox and reporting your internet use is, spyware can actually cause even bigger problems. Some sophisticated spyware can gain access to your passwords. Some gain access to your banking records and accounts. Some can actually pick-up the numbers of your credit card accounts. As you can see, the damage these programs can do may be huge and may cost you thousands of dollars.

Everyone has their favorite antispyware program; but, they all produce pretty much the same results. Highly recommended by many satisfied customers are the following programs: Spybot Search and Destroy (very comprehensive coverage), Windows Defender (great because it allows you to check all of your Windows start-up programs), CW Shredder (a favorite because it has extra settings and features) and Ad-Adware 2007 (don?t let the name fool you; this is a state-of-the-art, current antispyware program).

Many antispyware programs have been tested and downloaded by millions of people the world over. Among the favorites are: CW Shredder (very popular for efficiency and extra settings), Windows Defender (Particularly great if you are an avid user of Windows), Ad-Adware 2007 (Near the very top of the list for security) and Spybot Search and Destroy ( it does just what the name says ? searches and destroys nasty spyware wherever it may be lurking).

You may ask friends or coworkers which antispyware programs they use and what their level of satisfaction is. PC World Magazine has studied and highly ranked the following: Windows Defender (excellent, especially if you often work in Windows), CW Shredder (a favorite among some because of many extra features), Spybot Search and Destroy and Ad-Adware 2007. You cannot go wrong with any of these programs. Each has been downloaded many hundreds of thousands of times and the consumers are generally very pleased.

Why take the chance of having any of those things happen to you, your family, your computer or your personal information? If you still need a reason to download the antispyware, imagine that someone has gotten access to your checking and saving accounts, as well as to your Visa account. That should provide the incentive you need to take the next step.

By: Isaiah Henry

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