How Would You Recognize If Your Computer Has a Registry Problem?

If your computer is displaying any of these signs then there is a good chance that you computer's registry may have a problem.

Does your computer run a lot slower than when you first purchased it?

Does it take a while to start up first thing?

Does you computer not start up correctly?

Does your computer not shut down correctly?

Does your computer keep having ex explained crashes?

Does your computer keep displaying the Microsoft message "this program has encounted a problem and need to close"?

You computer's registry is a part of your windows operating system. The windows operating system (which is usually pre-installed on your computer) is the software that makes your computer work.The registry is an important part of this operating system and controls all the decisions that your computer makes. It operates in the back ground unseen but is of critical importance to the way your computer runs and operates. It gives the instructions to your computer as to which programs to run. in which order and how to open them. It also controls all your hardware connected to the computer such as any printers, cd burners, mouse monitors - in fact anything that you may have connected to your computer, either permanently or ones you just plug in and play occasionally.

Over time as more and more software and hard ware is introduced to your computer your registry files can become corrupted. All this information is being recorded and stored by your registry files. and they can eventually become so large and so complicated that your registry starts to misbehave. Now not all your registry files will become corrupt but unfortunately it only takes a small proportion of these to end up giving the results as listed above.

To round up then, you will know if your computer has a registry problem and will be able to recognize them if your computer displays any of the above signs.

By Richard Waters

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