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It was created with the help of anti-virus programs work and which programs do not work. Or programs that really deserve to be in the top ten of the world's Internet. You would be surprised to know that there are several sites that have been checked, and ten different. This does not take into account the incredible considering reviews in many cases unresolved. So, as a consequence, designers and creators rely on the positive feedback.

It was noted that, as dozens, starting at A and ending J, but depending on what the review or comparison, you can go to this list may change in some respects.

A - Trend Micro Antivirus / prompt detection and protection in real-time as well.

B - 2008 Antivirus CA / s improved user interface, and real-time scanning. In addition, the potential removal tools. Trial verion can be downloaded from norton anti virus 2005.lnk.

C- Panda Antivirus 2007 / do to protect your personal computer as easily as possible. Free automatic updates. Powerful lock hijackers, keyloggers, hackers and intruders.

D - Lifetime Antivirus Cyberscrub edition / first installed correctly can provide up to five years of protection. Designed to test for viruses on the user commands. The firewall is also included.

E - PC Tools Antivirus / designed to detect and quarantine, most viruses. Productivity in real time in response to threats against many Trojans, viruses and worms.

F - Protea Antivirus Lotus Domino / software package full of tools that can scan a user of the database. Detects infected messages, as well as monitors for potential threats.

G - Z onealarm Pro / Great Firewall, as well as personal information. Frequent scans to remove viruses on your computer.

H - Trend Micro Edition 2008 / automatic scanning, update, and offer more warnings. It is designed to provide users with protection against malicious applications.

I - Internet Security Suite 2008 / Scans protection against viruses before they can damage computer. The possibility of verifying the authenticity of sites and programs.

J - 360 Norton Security / Major personal computer security, as well as an automated backup system. Removing dangerous threats from the files you download.

However, some apparently computer intentionally virus is very difficult to be killed, trojan horse, for example. Even some top anti virus software from Germany can not kill virus at all.One thing we need to remember in mind: there is no best antivius software in the world, we need to have a change if it doesn't work.

By: Sam Leung

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